Nisab calculator below uses the current gold and silver price. If there are any errors with it, please contact us.

Current Prices:

Gold Price: 43.32 £/g
Silver Price: 0.55 £/g

Prices updated on: 04-12-2021

Nisab Based On Gold:

85g - Shaykh Samer Al-Nass = £3,682.20
87.48g - Mufti Taqi Usmani = £3,789.63
100g - Shaykh Mazin Bakir = £4,332.00

Nisab Based On Silver:

595g - Shaykh Samer Al-Nass = £327.25
612.36g - Mufti Taqi Usmani = £336.80
700g - Shaykh Mazin Bakir = £385.00

Contemporary scholars differ in converting the weights for gold and silver given in hadith into a modern measure, i.e. grams. Hence, there are a range of opinions provided in the Nisab calculator above.