Nisab is the minimum amount that a Muslim must have before they have to give Zakah. Nisab was set in gold and silver by our Prophet Muhammed ﷺ.  We no longer use silver or gold as a currency, so we need to exchange the value set into our currency.

Nisab calculator below uses the current gold and silver price and converts it into monetary value. If there are any errors with it, please contact us.

Current Prices:

Gold Price: 60.92 £/g
Silver Price: 0.75 £/g

Prices updated on: 18-07-2024

Nisab Based On Gold:

85g - Shaykh Samer Al-Nass = £5,178.20
87.48g - Subcontinent Scholars = £5,329.28
100g - Shaykh Mazin Bakir = £6,092.00

Nisab Based On Silver:

595g - Shaykh Samer Al-Nass = £446.25
612.36g - Subcontinent Scholars = £459.27
700g - Shaykh Mazin Bakir = £525.00

Contemporary scholars differ in converting the weights for gold and silver given in Hadith into a modern measure, i.e. grams. Hence, there are a range of opinions provided in the Nisab calculator above.