Imam Zayn al-Deen Abd al-Raheem bin Husayn al-Iraqi is best known for his Takhreej on Ihya Uloom al-Deen. In that book, he went through the Hadith narrations found in Imam al-Gazali’s Ihya.

He corrected the wording of the narrations Imam Ghazali had erred in and he also pointed out the source and authenticity of the narrations. Importantly he highlighted any fabricated or baseless narrations found in Ihya Ulooom al-Deen. This was a truly great service to the Ummah given the popularity of the Ihya.

Imam al-Iraqi produced many works, primarily in the sciences of Hadith. He also left behind many great students. The foremost amongst them was Imam Ibn Hajr al-Asqalani.

The Imam passed away in the year 806 Hijri.