Abu Zakariyya, Yahya bin Sharaf al-Nawawi. He was born in Nawa, Syria. Imam al-Nawawi left an incredible legacy for a scholar who had such a short life. Born in 631 (Hijri), he was in his mid-forties when he passed away (676 Hijri).

He is one of the most highly regarded Jurists of the Shafi Madhab, but also wrote extensively in other sciences. In the field of Hadith he is often cited and considered to be a significant and authoritative source when it comes to Hadith commentary.

Writing an extensive and authoritative commentary on Sahih Muslim would necessitate expertise in many Islamic sciences. He regularly discussed matters of creed (Aqeedah) and spirituality in his works. In his own practice he was known for Zuhd (renunciation) and Wara (scrupulousness).