Muhammad Amin bin Umar bin Abd al-Aziz is known as Ibn Abideen. He is the last agreed-upon scholar of the Hanafi Madhab. Followers of the Hanafi Madhab from all over the Muslim world rely upon his works and deem them authoritative.

The extent of reliance upon his works surprises some students given his proximity to our era. Usually, earlier scholars tend to enjoy such authority in the Madhab.

However, his methodology and diligence in his writings has made him such a towering figure in the Madhab. He was truly gifted and provided Towfeeq. He was also blessed to be a descendant of our beloved Prophet ﷺ.

He was originally a follower of the Shafi Madhab but later became Hanafi. It was a great blessing for the Hanafis since his works made navigating the vast Hanafi Madhab so much easier.

Imam Ibn Abideen passed away in the year 1252 Hijri.