Muhammad bin al-Hassan bin Farqad al-Shaybani was born in Waasit (135H) but raised in
Kufa. He studied with Abu Hanifah but would have been about 15 when he passed away, so
continued to study the Madhab with Abu Yusuf. He had many other teachers, most notably
Imams Malik and al-Owzaai.
He was an expert in many sciences but his student Imam Shafi praised him most highly for
the eloquence of his language. He passed away in 189H leaving behind many important
books and great students, the books of Imam Muhammad are the foundation of the Hanafi
He took over the role of Qadi al-Qudaat after Imam Abu Yusuf, which further solidified the
relationship between the Abbasid Caliphate and the Hanafi Madhab.