Imam Yaqoob bin Ibrahim was a descendent of Sa’d bin Bujayr who was from the Hulafaa
(allies) of the Ansaar and a Sahaabi. Born in Kufa in 113H Abu Yusuf is best known for being a
student of Imam Abu Hanifah, although he had many teachers and subsequently taught
some of the greatest scholars in our tradition including Imams Muhammad al-Shaybani,
Ahmad bin Hanbal and Yahya bin Maeen.
Qadi Abu Yusuf is credited with spreading the Madhab of Imam Abu Hanifah, in his role as
Qadi al-Qudaat he was in a very good position to do so. Many scholars argue that Abu Yusuf
was a Mujtahid Mutlaq in his own right. However he became established as one of the great
Imams within the Hanafi Madhab. He passed away in 182H.