Shaykh Mohammed Jamili | Biography

Shaykh Mohammad Jamili was born in Sanadaj which is located in the province of Kurdistan, Iran. His ethnic background is Kurdish-Iraqi. He began studying Islamic sciences at the age of 16, learning the rules of recitation of Quran, memorisation of the Quran, Shafi’i jurisprudence, self-purification, and Arabic Language.

Shaykh Jamili’s studies continued from then and throughout his university years up until today. The majority of his studies have been based on private tuition in the UK with scholars from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Egypt, as well as travelling for short period of time to other places around the globe. He is blessed to hold an license (ijazah) in the seven variants of Quranic recitation and to have studied several texts in a variety of Islamic sciences, with some being put to memorisation, with a range of senior scholars of Islam that are living today such Shaykh AbdulRazaq Balhawan (Damascus, Syria), Shaykh Yahya al-Mulla (Al Ahsa), Shaykh Samir an-Nass (Syria, Damascus), Shaykh Salim al-Khatib (Tarim, Yemen), Shaykh ‘Adil ash-Shu’aybi (Al Ahsa), Shaykh ‘Isam al-Khatib (Al Ahsa), Shaykh ‘Abdullah al-‘Adsani (Al Ahsa), and others, may Allah preserve them all.

In terms of his occupation and work, he specialises in Pharmacy and Education. He currently resides in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and he teaches Manhaj Qawim in Shafi’i Fiqh on a weekly basis online.