Zakat is one of the 5 pillars of Islam and an important obligation upon all Muslims who meet the criteria of Nisab. It is not a light matter and a major sin if it is not paid. Making multiple intentions when giving zakat can be a beautiful experience when done correctly for the sake of Allah (Most High).

Alhamdulillah, by the Mercy of Allah (Most High), Islam Answers is offering a FREE Zakat service to help people work out their Zakat. Calculating one’s Zakat year-end date can be tricky, but once it is done successfully the first time it’s easier to work out from then onwards.

What is required before you use the Zakat Service:

  • Completing the Fiqh of Zakat course
  • Having the details of one’s finances since one has met the criteria of Nisab over the years
  • Sincerity and aspiration in wanting to work out Zakat correctly

If you have not yet studied the Fiqh of Zakat and would like to study it, please text the following number to register for a course: 07999786300.

If you have completed the Fiqh of Zakat course and would like help to work out your Zakat please text the following numbers:
For Brothers: Asim – 07944396446
For Sisters: Khadija – 07999786300

Zakat Calculation Service