Is the Hadith “The scholars of my nation are like the prophets of Israelites.” authentic?

علماء أمتي كأنبياء بني إسرائيل



Islamic Text

Classification: La asla lahu (Baseless)

This has been discussed by the Hadith scholars and they said, generally speaking, the Hukum (ruling) for it is ‘La Asla Lahu’, meaning, it has no basis. The ruling for a baseless Hadith is that it is not to be attributed to the Prophet . It should only be mentioned to warn people against it. Although there is a technical difference, for practical purposes it should be treated the same as Mawdu (fabricated) Hadith, in that you are not to promote or propagate it.

The following are some of the scholars who commented on this hadith:

  • Imam Az-Zarkashi – “لا أصل له” (it has no basis).
    [At-tadzkirah fi al-ahadith al-Musytaharah, p166]
  • Imam Al-Sakhawi – Quoting Az-Zarkashi, “لا أصل له” (it has no basis).
    [Al-Maqasid al-Hasanah, Hadith No. 702, p459]
  • Imam Al-Suyuti – “لا أصل له” (it has no basis).
    [Al-Dur al-Manthurah, p148]
  • Imam Al-Ajluni – Quoting Al-Suyuti and Ibn Hajar, “لا أصل له” (it has no basis).
    [Kashfal Khafa, Vol. 2, p64]

– Answered by Shaykh Noorud-deen (05.01.2021)